International Conference – Low Dose Medicine Dublin 2018

Sean Photo

Opening address by Dr. John B Dunphy (AKA DR. Sean Dunphy) to” The international conference on low dose medicine” Dublin 2018.

On behalf of the organizing committee, I welcome you to this ground breaking conference, which represent a major “paradigm shift” in therapeutics.

Most professions are slow to embrace new ideas, especially the medical establishment. You would think that the study of Physics, based on numbers, experiments and logic would be different-but NO- at a Nobel price ceremony the recipient commented that “physics advances funeral by funeral”!!

Paradigm shifts act like beacons in the world of finance, if you miss them, you miss the boat and you sink with the old paradigm. The world paradigm comes from the classical Greek “paradiegma”.


  1. Nokia of Finland started by manufacturing rubber boots and eventually developed and dominated the global mobile phones market, but failed to notice the significant arrival of Steve jobs smart phone, with devastating consequences.
  2. In the 70s Swiss watch makers dominated the global market, they had developed spectacular fly wheel, springs, water proofing etc and were light years ahead of opposition!!Their own research had developed the electric Quartz watch, which did not need any of the sophistication that the Swiss had worked tirelessly to create – they laughed at its simplicity – so sure were they that they put it on display in that year’s world congress in Geneva- Seiko of Japan took one look –one year later 10,000 watch maker were made redundant- the Swiss had controlled 98% of global revenue and 80% of all production – but had failed to spot a paradigm shift of their own making.
  3. Similarly in medicine!!!
  • When I was in the med school – there was an entire industry built around Gastric and Duodenal Ulcers- until two tenacious Ozy Docs got the Nobel Prize for their discovery of the significance of H-PYLORI.
  • Here in Dublin in the 50s a Dr. Patrick Collins discovered that a dilution of Procaine Hydrochloride applied to the skin could have an immune modulating effect in R.A. His granddaughters- both physicians still practice at their Lucan Clinic.
  • A paradigm shift is on the way in relation to “Gut Bacteria”, I was at the conference two days ago at UCC where the professor of the psychiatry Ted Dinan demonstrated the effect of gut bacteria on mood and anxiety and depression. He also noted that the weight of gut bacteria was equivalent to the brain and carries more than 50% of our total DNA information. Australian tv did an excellent series “Gut reaction” which you can watch on my web and Facebook pages.
  • Yesterday Israeli research announce that they have developed eye drops of Nano Particles that will dispense with the need for reading glasses- a paradigm shift in the making.
  • When I first used umbilical cord stem-cells 11 years ago it made international news- now stem- cells are used daily in reconstructive surgery, joint repair etc.
  • In psychology the publication of Roger Callahan’s “ five minute phobia cure” in 1982 evolved into TFT described in his book “Tapping the healer within”, which spawned an entire range of self-help therapies beneficial to patients worldwide, such as BSFF, TAT, EMDR and EFT, all of which are used in my clinic.
  • In physical medicine a new paradigm was set in train with the publication of Dr. Janet Travell’s textbook” The Trigger Point Manual” ( She was physician to president John F Kennedy).

Some years later Dr. Carl Ferrari of New York published his book on Dyslexia and developed an entire new protocol “ Neural Organisation Therapy”  For muscular an neuro logical problems including Dyslexia and Scoliosis which I have incorporated in my  medical practice over the past 30 years.

Hahnemann 260 years ago postulated a vital life force. This could soon be vindicated scientifically.

So today we have two exciting speakers to share their vast experiences with low dose- physiological regulating medicine (PRN).  From Milan Italy Dr. Alessandro Perra and From Belfast Dr. David Hefferon.